Virtual Agents For Customer Satisfaction

Virtual Agents For Customer Satisfaction

Virtual agents are the software programs, which serve the online customer by an organization. It answers the customer queries about products and services. Sometimes it is also known by the name of an intelligent virtual agent. It gives the feeling of human appearance and also gives appropriate answers to the entire customer question. It is very helpful in customer relationship management. For an organization it serves as a customer service representative. Virtual agents are widely used in CRM to help the general public in performing varieties of task like making reservations, placing orders and locating information. The response of customer is very positive by the working of virtual agents.

For the purpose of sale of products, virtual sales agents are very helpful. In today's world they play a vital role in increasing the selling of the products. Just by making chat through Internet or over telephone lines that attract the customers. The conversation of virtual sales agent is so effective that they are very helpful in converting the leasing visitors into active customers. They provide the customers all the details regarding buying the product in details and also guide them on the right product. Virtual sales agent dynamically asks relevant and personalized questions about their needs and likes and dislikes. They give the customer a confidence that they are going to buy a right product for their unique needs. It increases the sale of an organization by 2.5% approx.

For customer satisfaction virtual customer service agents are very helpful. It assists the customer through intelligent automated conversations. They are very effective for solving the problem of customers. When the customer does not get appropriate answer to their question through search engines or FAQs then virtual customer service agent is the right choice. Customer often obtains satisfied with the answers of the virtual agent as they engage the customers in an interactive dialog. They interact with the customers like a live person over the phone or on chat. Usually all the companies program it to engage with the customers through answering their inquiries via automated chat. It also lowers the cost to the customers.

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