Discovering All of the Benefits of High Quality HVAC Services

By now, you probably already know how great HVAC services are. They make it possible for you to actually design the environment you want indoors so, no matter what the weather is like, you can remain comfortable all year long. However, you may also be well aware that heating and air conditioning units need to be taken care of too. Otherwise, you will not be enjoying that pleasant indoor environment for long. Here are the main services related to these units and what you should know about them.


Whether you're currently without a unit or need a new one, getting the indoor environment you want starts with getting the unit you want first. Always look for heating and air conditioning contractors who are experienced with installing the make and model you're interested in. This way you can be sure the installation will go successfully and that the installer will be able to answer any questions you may have.
Before allowing a contractor to handle installation, be sure they first come visit your home so they'll know what they're doing. They should be interested in everything from your floor plans to the preexisting ducts in your home. Always be sure to ask for a quote upfront too.

Ongoing Maintenance

Most installers will offer some kind of ongoing maintenance program to ensure your HVAC unit receives the attention it needs over time. If, for some reason, your installer does not provide this kind of package, check with the manufacturer. You can always buy such a package from a local contractor.

It does not matter where you live, if you're using your unit in the summer for A / C and the winter for heating, the machine is being put through a lot of paces. This is why ongoing maintenance is so important. What you do not want to have happen is your machine giving out right in the middle of either season. Not only will you have to deal with unbearable temperatures, but chances are good that you will not be the only one in line to get help.

Maintenance checkups, especially right before winter and summer, will give you peace of mind and catch any major problems before they become much worse.


When your HVAC unit needs repairs, it can be tempting to just pick at random from all the heating and air conditioning contractors out there or simply go with whoever is available. This is why it helps to do your research beforehand in case this decision ever becomes necessary. Only allow those with experience working on your specific make and model to handle repairs and, as we mentioned before, get a quote first.

Finding the Best Contractor

Having a trusted source recommend a contractor should mean a lot in terms of your search. You can also go online to find plenty of free reviews. However, never let a serviceman on your property if they are not licensed, certified and insured to do the work you've hired them for.

Nothing beats your air conditioner or heater when they're up and running. However, without understanding the above services, your unit could be in trouble. So be sure you know what to get from each and what to look for in a contractor.

Source by Curtis Moore

Understanding the Law of Scarcity

Sales trainers and speakers reference the law of scarcity as one of the fundamental laws of persuasion. The law of scarcity is simply that when someone perceives something that they desire to be in limited quantity, the perceived value of that thing or person becomes much greater than if were widely available. The law of scarcity applies to both salesmanship and in relationships and courtship.

Sales Example

You turn on the television and see a commercial for some new overly-hyped kitchen gadget. The commercial voice reminds you that “…supplies are limited” and that “…this offer will not last.” This commercial is employing the use of the law of scarcity to increase the perceived value of that item. Believe it or not, it works for them.

Relationship Example

Jack and Jill have been boyfriend and girlfriend for about two years now and the relationship is getting boring. The couple both attend a party one night. Jack notices that Jill is paying attention to some other guys at the party, rather than with him. The value that Jack has placed on Jill now has increased dramatically because he fears that she might leave him for another guy.

Practical Applications

1. Sometimes people make themselves overly available to someone they are attracted to by showing them with affection, but this over availability sometimes causes the opposite reaction to occur–the person actually places a lower value on the person because it is in abundance. If the other person believes that you are highly desired by others, hence, you’re demand outweighs your supply, then your value will go up.

2. Increasing the price or decreasing the availability of a product or service will increase the perceived value of that product or service in the eyes of others.

3. If you want to persuade someone to commit to an appointment, then try to increase the perceived value on your own time. Instead of saying that you have the entire day free, which creates a state of abundance, instead say you are busy and have only such-and-such time free. This increases the perceived value of your own time and makes the other person take scheduling an appointment with you more seriously.

Source by Tristan Loo

Virtue and Chivalry in the 21st Century

The other day I was on Facebook and an ad for fashion came up that had the tagline describing their clothes as: “Noble, Elegant, Sexy, and Pure.” I thought, “Huh, that doesn’t sound right.” I mean, how did the word “Sexy” sneak its way in between the three other words?

In our generation, most people (mostly young people aged 13-30) just don’t even know the meaning of words like nobility, elegance, purity, virtuousness, ingenuity, chivalry, refinement, integrity or dignity. They do know the meaning of words like entertainment, social, celebrity, media, provocative, loose, freewill, and pleasure. Everywhere you look the politeness in people has lessened, dignity is scarce and men and women insult themselves.

How do men and women insult themselves you may ask? For example a few weeks ago, a popular 36 year old film star, James Franco, was trying to pick up on a 17 year old girl who had contacted him on Instagram (another social media network overly populated by bold unsupervised teenagers). I don’t want to get into any details, but in this case there was no chivalry or integrity on Franco’s part and no class or morality on the young girl’s part. Although I respect James Franco as an actor I do not regard him as a man of noble stature. He insulted his own integrity by acting in a promiscuous way by asking this 17 year old girl if he should get them “a hotel room.” The young girl insulted her dignity by contacting Franco and making herself an object of vulnerable sex appeal.

Where is the virtue and chivalry in the 21st century? Indiscretion runs rampant in the streets, in schools, at work and even in the church (No surprise there).

Men do not respect girls these days… but there’s a balance. Do women give men a good reason to respect them? (Don’t close your browser yet! Bear with me.) There is a difference between respect and attention. Girls want attention from men and try to get it through impure actions, appearance and attitude. In return, they get the attention they want, but mostly from men who don’t care about them enough to protect them or regard them with any kind of moral intentions.

I may seem old fashioned in my thinking and maybe the world is too far gone to be changed by old fashioned sentiments but this is what God has commanded in His word and that’s all I want to encourage. In1 Timothy 5:2 it says “… and young men treat younger women with all purity as you would your own sisters.” And in Titus 2 “teach the younger women… to live wisely and be pure… “

Women have lost their pure gentle spirits and men have lost their nobility and integrity. We regard the opposite sex as a pleasure and momentary joy. We are not looking at our brothers and sisters in Christ through Gods eyes but through the world’s eyes. One reason being is that I think we have lost all respect for the human race. We respect ourselves, though, we love thinking about ourselves and making ourselves look better. Everything is about you; your phone, your car, your friends, your clothes, your life. But how can you blame yourself? The media practically screams to put yourself first. Your happiness is what is most important in life. And by listening to the secular tide and peer-pressure of the popular world trends, the people in our lives drown out and fade into the background in our journey to self-promotion and pleasure.

We no longer have love for the people. Kids are killing themselves over the fact that they feel alone or “invisible”. We don’t pay attention to third-world problems anymore. Crime and tragedy have become so normal to us, that we no longer notice it. Sure, maybe you give money to your church once in a while, maybe you send Bibles to people in China, but do you really care?

If we could only take our eyes off of ourselves and what makes us happy, maybe we could see the world through the eyes of its Creator. Wouldn’t that be life changing?! Regard for others would come more naturally to us. Chivalry and virtue would still be new to us and others, but if we practice, we might see a change in the way we think and act towards the people around us.

1 Corinthians 13 is all about love. But it’s not about love for people we hate or love for people that are easy to get along with. It’s about loving everyone; little girls struggling with finding out what true beauty looks like, boys who need a fatherly figure in their broken lives, women who just need a hug, men who could really use some encouragement, a older woman who misses her husband, an old man who may just need someone who will listen for five minutes… Everyone deserves a little bit of love in their lives.

“Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice, but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.” 1 Cor. 13: 4-7

By our actions we are able to change the way other people act around us. I have a friend that was at a “staff party” the other night with a group of new age radicalists basically. The conversations were less than moral and there were a lot of coarse jokes. My friend thankfully maintained a sense of virtue and tried to direct the conversation to more pleasant topics. By doing so, the atmosphere changed a little and when rude jokes were made they apologized to my friend and eventually ceased all together.

My friend had raised the standards and had a higher expectation for the company she was with and the people at the party felt this. Her sweet and gentle mannerisms went to their hearts and didn’t feel condemned, but challenged to a higher standard of conduct. The swearing lessened and the conversations were much more refined.

If we had a respectful love for everyone we came in contact with (including our girl and guy friends) we would be able to show Gods love to them through our polite chivalry and virtuousness. But it starts with you and God. Ask him for an unconditional love for others around you. Take your mind and eyes off of yourself and your happiness and seek true joy by blessing and serving others. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

God bless!

Source by Lisa C Hallahan

Why To Go For Virtual Private Servers

A Virtual Private Server aka VPS makes use of virtualization apps to make partitions of actual servers into several “virtual” servers. So, each of the servers can operate its own OS and apps. Nowadays, VPS is popular among the web developers today. Let’s find out more about the benefits of shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers.

Why should you go for a VPS server?

If your site needs more space than what the shared hosting offers and you run several high-traffic blogs or websites, you may want to go for the VPS. Although dedicated servers cost a lot, VPS offers flexibility at a lower price tag.

If you need a lot of bandwidth and your blog doesn’t open as fast it should, shared web hosting is not for you anymore. In case of VPS hosting, the virtual environment will offer you dedicated memory, disk space and bandwidth.

What Apps Do You Want to Run?

For better technical flexibility and customization of your hosting server, you should stick to a VPS, especially if you can’t afford a dedicated server. This will give you root-level access so you can install more apps, set permission, customize the environment and create accounts. This is what most good developers need on a daily basis.

If you own a business and want the features of an expensive dedicated server, then VPS is the ideal solution for you. This way you won’t have to spend anything to host, maintain and support the hardware of the servers. As a result, you will be saving hundreds of thousands of bucks down the road.

Shared Hosting VS VPS Hosting

Without any doubt, VPS offers a lot of advantages over shared web hosting. On a VPS, you can develop and test your sites. Moreover, you can get a VPS specifically for testing purposes. You can use another VPS for your production or live blogs. In other words, without getting two dedicated servers, it will be possible for you to do all your hosting tasks. Aside from this, you can use a virtual private server for file storage or backup as well.

Although there is a big difference between a dedicated server and a VPS, both offer similar features. If you are a good developer, you can do almost any task on a VPS that you can do a dedicated server. But the major point is that VPS is less expensive. You can get cheap servers, but the support, security, and upkeep will cost you a good deal of money down the road. This is true if you have a website that gets an immense amount of traffic each month.

Long story short, if you have been looking for a cheap solution for your web hosting needs, we highly suggest that you go for a VPS server. It will be a lot better than shared hosting in terms of support, flexibility, bandwidth and other system resources. So, if you can’t afford a special physical server for you only, you can’t find an option better than VPS.

Source by Satvik Mittal

Virtual Real Estate? Active Managers? Guidance

In real estate (as an agent, seller, buyer, investor) whoever you choose to learn from make sure they are qualified to teach you. Are they "in the market" everyday? Are they actively helping others buy and sell in your market? Are they registered as a member in their Multiple Listing Service? When was the last time they closed on a transaction?

Rely heavy on your "real world" experiences, or on someone that has personally learned in the field buying and selling homes for themselves and is helping others do the same. This will help you make better decisions about selling and buying properties.

As a real estate agent, work with a manager that knows how to help clients buy and sell homes from RECENT experience, someone that has been "in the market" and has had to resolve issues about escrow, well inspections, appraisals, short sales, negotiating and much more.

Someone that knows the tools of today and is using them. Ask yourself if they are willing to and can they teach you to be better, more insightful and more compassionate to your client's needs. Are they using the real estate systems that they are promoting to you on a daily basis for their own needs? Are they consistently improving them and sharing those improvements with you?

As a buyer, seller or investor work with an agent that will help you in a sincere, truthful manner, not just give you typical advice viewed through rose-colored glasses.

Not every transaction works out but with the advice and guidance of an authentic, benevolent real estate agent (manager, mentor, counselor) you will learn faster, you will have an exponential success curve and you will definitely save money by avoiding potential losses and unnecessary systems that do not work. Most importantly, you will be happier because you are growing in the field of real estate. You will be "in the market"!

Source by Rob Rosa

How To Remove A Plantar Wart – Methods Of Wart Removal

If you have a plantar wart, you might be wondering how to remove a plantar wart. Unfortunately, it's not that easy to do. Before you start trying to cut it off or making plans to speak with your doctor about a painful surgery, you should understand exactly what to expect with a plantar wart; including where it comes from, what it means and whether or not you really need to worry about its presence.

Plantar warts are not typically anything you need to worry about. They are not cancerous warts. They do not spread to other parts of your body and they certainly will not infect anyone else in your family if you accidently touch their feet with yours. The good news regarding a plantar is that they are very illegally to spread through person to person contact; so illegally, in fact, that it is virtually impossible.

Plantars are caused by a form of the HPV virus. There are more than 100 different versions of this virus and the one that causes plantar warts is most often found in warm, wet places. You are more likely to encounter this virus and contract this virus if you walk barefoot in public pool areas, gyms, showers, and bathrooms. However, walking barefoot alone will not cause you to contract a plantar wart from the HPV virus. What will cause you to contract this virus is walking around without shoes and with a cut, scrape, cracked skin, or other open sore on your foot. This is how the virus enters your blood stream.

If someone in your own home suffers from a plantar wart, it is possible you could catch it using the same shower. You can make sure you do not by wearing shoes in the shower when you have any sores or blisters. Once you realize you have a plantar wart, however, you will more than likely begin wondering how to remove a plantar wart.

The process relating to how to remove a plantar wart is fairly complex. You see, it's just not that simple. You can not simply remove a plantar wart from your body. These warts are found only on your feet and since they are usually on the soles of your feet, they typically extend inward. They do not appear to look like normal warts, which extend outwards from the skin – think about the warts so commonly seen on the noses of witches when they are published. For this reason, it's not easy to remove a plantar wart. However, it can be done with the help of your medical professional. While there are some treatments you can use at home to remove them, it's recommended you call your doctor.

Unless your immune system is weakened from a disease such as HIV, AIDs, or diabetes, your doctor will likely tell you not to worry about removing your plantar. As it happens, your immune system will naturally begin to fight the virus that causes the wart, causing it to disappear over time. While it does take a few years, they are not typically painful or even noticeable, which makes it more manageable to deal with. However, if you experience pain from your plantar wart, your doctor might recommend a few different methods of removal.

One way to remove a plantar wart is by freeing it off with liquid nitrogen. This is something your doctor will need to do. Your doctor will use liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart. This causes a significant number of blisters to form, causing a lot of pain in your foot. Your doctor will bandage it to prevent you from damaging the blister. Over the course of a week or so, the wart will die and eventually fall right off.

Other methods of removal include surgery. Laser surgery is used to kill the vessels that provide the wart access to the virus that causes it to grow. As the vessels surrounding your wart begin to die, your wart will fall off. This is a painful procedure. The other type of surgery recommended is a much more minor surgery. This involves using a local anesthetic to numb the area around the wart. Your doctor then uses an electric needle to cut the wart right out of your foot. This is painful. It will take a week or so to heal and the process is not one doctors prefer to use.

The reason doctors do not prefer this method of plantar removal is because it leaves scars. However, most people who are experiencing pain from a plantar wart simply do not care if they are left with a scar on the bottom of their foot. The idea of ​​being over the pain in less than a week is more appealing than the idea of ​​walking around for years in pain without a scar.

Source by AL Jones

Trojan Horse Virus Infection Signs

A Trojan horse is a malicious program that looks like a genuine piece of software. As a result, most users end up installing it in their computers without really knowing of the harm it can do. Some Trojans work by giving a criminal control over a person’s computer; some simply seek weaknesses in the software installed in a computer, while others steal valuable information such as bank details, login credentials and sensitive business data. What is even more frightening is the fact that if one does not have a Trojan horse removal tool, these malicious programs can completely destroy a computer system and ruin any valuable data stored in it.

The good news is that most Trojan horse infections are usually accompanied by symptoms. It is important to know most of these Trojan infection symptoms as it will help ensure that you detect the presence of the Trojan horse in time. This will end up enabling you to use a Trojan cleaner to get rid of the malicious program before it has enough time to completely destroy both your computer and your data.

Irritating Messages and pop-ups

If you notice strange pop-ups and messages in your computer, you likely have an infected computer. Most Trojan horse viruses generate these pop-ups in order to gain permissions that will then allow them to install additional malicious software. This additional software is what may then be used to either delete your data or steal it. Some of these pop-ups and messages can also be used to simply display irritating and unwanted information such as advertisements. The only way to get rid of these intrusive data displays is to eliminate the root of the problem. This is something that a Trojan horse removal tool is perfectly suited for.

A Slow Computer

Since it is a piece of software, a Trojan horse will need some of your computer resources in order to run. Some Trojans are also designed to overwhelm a system by taking up a lot of memory, something that eventually causes a computer to slow down. There is also the fact that in order to give control to a remote user or to accomplish a task, a Trojan may have to use your computer’s bandwidth. This will slow down your internet connection, making it difficult for you to accomplish any important task.

If you notice that your computer has significantly slowed down, you should install a Trojan cleaner. Having it in your computer will keep the Trojan from running background resources. It can also isolate the malicious program, keeping it from using your computer’s memory. This, in addition to the fact that Trojan removers can completely delete the Trojan, will then restore your computer’s speed. This includes the computer’s internet connection speed.

Missing Files

When a Trojan horse infects a computer, it can change the name of its files. It can also run applications that will transfer your files from one folder to another. Some can even completely wipe your computer’s memory. If this is happening to your computer, it is time to have it armed with Trojan removers. When installed, these removers will incapacitate any Trojans in your computer. They will also keep them from running the applications that are deleting or moving your files, something that will go a long way towards increasing your chances of limiting your data losses.

Source by Hillary Corbachev

Ovarian Cysts Symptoms Are a WARNING Sign

Clearly enlisting ovarian cyst symptoms is a difficult proposition. The main reason behind this difficulty is that ovarian cysts can display very few to no symptoms. Ovarian cysts are often discovered accidentally during a Routine Physical Exam or can be chanced upon during ultrasound, which might be performed for various reasons. Let’s take a closer look at some of these symptoms:

Prominent symptoms

Some of the most prominent ovarian cyst symptoms include sudden or recurring pain in the lower pelvis or abdominal region of varying severity, irregularity in periods, a feeling of fullness in the lower abdomen, persistent pain around the pelvic girdle during periods which might be experienced in the lower back region too, pelvic pain felt after sexual intercourse or strenuous exercise, difficulty or abnormal pain experienced with bowel movements or during urination, a feeling of nausea and vomiting, vaginal blood spots or pain in the vagina, tenderness and pain in the breasts and abnormal weight gain.

The above mentioned ovarian cyst syndromes are generic in nature. These symptoms might also result from endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease or ectopic pregnancy. This necessitates a proper treatment and an accurate diagnosis.

Serious cases

Advanced cases of ovarian cysts can pose a greater threat to health with symptoms like light-headedness or dizziness, fatigue, harsh abdominal pain, fever, rapid breathing and/or shortness of breath and so on. Should any of these problems be encountered, it is advisable to consult the doctor without delay. Over the last few decades, medical sciences have advanced tremendously, and be assured that there are excellent treatment options and medication available to cure even the most severe cases of ovarian cysts.

Today, there is no dearth of treatments for ovarian cysts. Countless women around the globe still rely on home-based self-care measures and are getting excellent results. These measures include the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Motrin (ibuprofen), Tylenol (acetaminophen), or other medicines that are used to combat narcotic pain. Putting a check on strenuous activities also help in the reduction of possible torsion or a rupture of the cysts. The cysts are often monitored by using modern endovaginal ultrasound or ultrasonic techniques. However, few such measures can really beat the effectiveness of adopting a holistic approach towards treating ovarian cysts.


An ovarian cyst that has grown large can bring about a great degree of abdominal discomfort. A large cyst often tends to press against the bladder causing you to urinate more frequently (due to the reduced capacity of the bladder). There can be cases involving less common kinds of cysts that show virtually no symptoms in women. Your doctor usually discovers them by chance during a regular pelvic examination. Beware of large masses of ovarian cysts that tend to develop after a woman reaches menopause. They could turn out to be cancerous. These factors stress the importance of getting a pelvic examination on a regular basis.

A word of caution

Symptoms alone cannot ascertain the presence of ovarian cysts in women. In some cases, symptoms may be completely absent. There is also a possibility of ovarian cysts showing symptoms that are usually associated with other diseases, such as pelvic disease of inflammation, endometriosis, ovarian cancer, or ectopic pregnancy. Ruptured ovarian cysts can produce symptoms that are akin to those produced by diverticulitis and appendicitis. It is always advisable to look into and medically investigate any symptom without delay. If the symptoms mentioned in the first two paragraphs are present, there is a very high chance of presence of ovarian cysts. Consult your doctor immediately without delay if you experience pain followed by vomiting or fever, and any severe or sudden pain in the abdomen or pelvic region.

Holistic approach

Holistic approach is the new buzzword in the medical world today and it is fast gaining popularity everywhere. Adopting this approach is beneficial in cases involving ovarian cysts too. As a ‘Health Concept’, holism has a very long history. It is only recently that there has been a conscious effort to merge this alternative mode of treatment into the medical mainstream. Holistic approach not only cures ovarian cysts completely, but also provides a deep sense of peace, both at the physical level as well as the mental level. Holistic approach is not so much a way of treatment as it is an approach towards the explanation of application of treatment. Adopting a holistic approach in the early state of ovarian cysts can really work miracles.

The essence of holistic approach lies in the belief of ‘A Healthy Mind in a Healthy body’. The approach is potentially very powerful and it not only prevents ovarian cysts in the first place, but also cures them. One of the primary features of the approach is its focus on diet. A wholesome balanced diet is the key to a healthy body as well as a strong resistance to the onslaught of various diseases. The balanced diet advocated by holistic approach includes plenty of leafy and green vegetables, fruits, proteins and minerals. Substances rich in fat and excessive intake of carbohydrates are best avoided. Proper cleanliness of the body and its surrounding are to be strictly maintained. With these simple measures, you can bid farewell to all ovarian cyst symptoms forever.

Source by Mary Parker

The Pythia, Ancient Priestess of Delphi

The Pythia was the name of the Oracular Priestess at Delphi in the Temple of Apollo. The Pythia was widely respected for her prophecies. She was said to be the most prestigious oracle in the ancient Greek world. The Oracle at Delphi was thought to begin around 800 BCE, and officially ended around 393 CE. When the oracle would perform her prophetic rituals, she would enter the inner chamber of the temple, known as adyton, and sit on a tripod like chair, while holding laurel leaves. Nearby her was the opening in the earth or omphalos which translates to mean navel in Greek. This is where the sacred vapors came from that put the Priestess into a trance like state.

When a person came for a prophecy, they would make a sacrifice, and present a question to a male Priest. The Priest would then go and consult the Oracle. After she gave her prophecy, the Priest would interpret it for the person who was seeking it. It is said that the life of a Pythia was exhaustive and that many died young. The cause of this was most likely the fact that they were inhaling poisonous vapors.

To become the Priestess of Delphi, there were certain things required of the woman chosen. She would have had to have led a life of purity, and been a person of good character. If you were chosen to be the Pythia, you had to sever all ties with your family, friends etc. The Pythia could have been from an aristocratic family, or she could have been a peasant. According to archaeologist John Hale, The Priestesses of Delphi were chosen based more on their ability than their social stature. Being the Pythia also meant that you were privy to many liberties. Like free housing and freedom from taxation, also a salary and an ability to own land. They were highly regarded in Greek society.

The Pythia only gave prophecies during the nine warmest months of the year. During the winter months Apollo was said to leave his temple and return in the Spring. A month after he returned, the Priestess of Delphi would undergo purification rites which included fasting, ritual bathing and drinking holy water from nearby springs. This was all done to prepare the Oracle for communication with the Divine.

Being the Oracle at Delphi was a highly honored position. She played a very important role in Greek society, so much so that virtually no major decision was made without consulting the Pythia first.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the ancient Priestess of Delphi!

Source by Tara L. Reynolds

The Importance of Virtual Tours to Market Your Listings

What is a real virtual tour?

A real virtual tour is a pictorial representation of your home that makes the viewer actually feel like they are standing in your home.

How is this done?

I have been a virtual tour photog for 7 years. When I go into a home to start taking the 360 ​​degree panoramic shots almost every home owner says, "Is that how you do it?" I chuckle and say "yes, but you must promise to not tell anyone the secret". Almost all of them think that the tour is done with a video camera. It is actually done with a digital SLR camera- like a Nikon. What makes it look like a video? Its the software my company uses to "stitch" the pics together. I actually think our virtual tour pans are better than video because of the ability to generate high intensity lighting using a flash that is not possible with a video without bringing in a studio light.

Why are not a lot of agents doing virtual tours anymore?

A lot of large brokers are providing their agents with programs that allow them to create a simple slide show using their own pics. Most agents do not want to have to spend money on a listing. Typically an agent can get a contract and take the listing and the only cost is to print out some fliers for the hanger on the sign in the yard. A typical virtual tour average price is about $ 100-150. Most agents will receive 3% commission – that's $ 3,000 per $ 100k but they do not want to have to spend anything up front because – in the current 2009-2010 market- homes are on the market an average of 100 days or more and a Lots of owners are cancelling their contracts and moving on to try out another agent. Then there is the problems with short sales.

How can you insure your home is being marketed properly? Ask the agent up front. Do you utilize the service of a professional photographer that takes 360 degree full panoramic tours? Or- you can call the virtual tour company yourself, pay for the tour and then you will own it. Then it will not have to be redone if you switch agents.

Source by Philip E Brown