Gum Diseases and Dental Treatment

The most common Periodontal or gum diseases include Gingivitis and Periodontitis which though have no symptoms, can damage the bone and tooth. The periodontal disease become chronic as the bacterial infection affects the bone structure and the gums around the tooth.

Periodontal disease may directly affect just one tooth or more and starts when there is a constant accumulation of plaque. Over time, the plaque builds up especially when there is no regular brushing and flossing. The initial few symptoms that you may note is soft gums that tend to bleed easily during brushing, slight inflammation and grayish outline of the teeth where it joins the gum line.

The first stage of the gum disease is known as Gingivitis. It is the mildest form of periodontal diseases and doesn’t have any discomfort. While gingivitis is caused by poor oral health, it is reversible and can be remedied with professional treatment and oral care. It is best to seek treatment as early as possible.

The other dental disorder, Periodontitis is the next stage of gingivitis. As the plaque spreads and grows, just below the gum line, the bacterial infestations release chemicals that irritate the gums, leading to inflammation. The chemicals kick-start an auto response of inflammation and the destruction of bone and tissues starts.

Spaces appear between the gums and the teeth which then become infected. As the oral disease progresses, the gaps increase and more of the tissue and bone are destroyed. However, the most alarming factor needs to be considered that there are virtually no or extremely mild symptoms and thus, damage is higher as you tend to never reflect the extent of damage that is done. As it progresses, the teeth become loose and fall of on their own or require extraction.

Periodontitis has different forms which include:

Chronic Periodontitis It results in swelling in the teeth tissues, progressive attachments of the gum and results in bone loss. This is the most common stage of Periodontitis and is marked by recession of the gums and pocket formations. It is mostly seen in adults and can affect any age. Although loss of the bone and structure is slow, teeth loss happens over time.

Aggressive peritonitis: It happens in individuals that are usually healthy but the key aspects to consider in this disease include rapid attachment loss, bone destruction and receding gums.

Systematic diseases: It is one of the forms of Periodontitis and often starts at a young age. Other health conditions such as diabetes, respiratory diseases and heart disease are the main cause of this form of Periodontitis.

Necrotizing periodontal disease This infection is characterized by necrosis of the periodontal ligament, gingivitis and alveolar bone. Individuals with malnutrition, HIV and immunosuppression have lesions that are commonly observed

However in case of loss of tooth, dental implants are the only solution. The dental treatments if taken at the right time can ensure that the decay and infections are treated. If you have bleeding gums or tooth is loose, it is time to seek an appointment with the dentist.

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What Are Behavioral Questions and How Do You Answer Them

In job interviews nowdays, the use of behavioral questions is more common than it used to be in the past. This means that if you are going on job interviews it is very likely that some of the questions you encounter are behavioral in nature. Behavioral questions are tough for the candidate, especially when they are unprepared and do not really know what the interviewer wants to hear.

The very nature of the behavioral question makes it virtually impossible for you to fake your answer. So the absolute worst thing you can do is show up to your interview unprepared, not even knowing what a behavioral interview question is. You will do just fine if you understand the purpose and intent of the questions and what the interviewer expects to hear in your answers. But you also need to use an appropriate model to frame your answers and PRACTICE answering questions of this type. Only this type of thorough preparation will prepare for 'acing' the behavioral questions in your job interview.

There are two models commonly used for framing responses to behavioral questions:

1) STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Results)

2) SHARE (Situation, Hindrance, Action, Results, Evaluation)

In a behavioral interview, the interviewer will be listening for specific details about how you handled a specific situation in your past using some type of skill usually like customer service, leadership etc. They are looking for REAL situations where you used a specific skill. Back in the day, the interviewer may have asked a hypothetical question about how you think you might deal with a particular situation. That's not how it works anymore. Nowadays, they want you to pull from your past experience and tell them about a situation where you actually deal with a specific situation. They want details – who, what, where, when, why how. See, behavioral interviewing is based on the promise that what you've done in the past is a good predictor of what you're likely to do in the future.

So, using the STAR model to frame your answer you will begin by clearly describing the actual SITUATION that is, by setting the scene: where were you, who was there, what were you doing, why were you in that situation, what was the general atmosphere like etc. You have to think of this process as you telling a true story, a listing of actual events that happened. Setting the context helps you tell the story, and helps the interviewer better understand the details.

Next in your STAR storytelling adventure you will describe the TASK or what you were specifically required to do. Here you want to be sure to outline any and all the challenges that surfaced, making accomplishing the task difficult. Discuss what is expected to happen in situations like the one describing and how this particular scenario was a little different.

Next discuss the ACTIONS you took to resolve the issue, overcome the challenges, and / or solve the problem. Discuss how you responded to the issue; how did your actions help or hurt; did you have to find alternate solutions; who you asked for help etc.

Finally when discussing the results, tell the interviewer how your actions impacted the business. Did you receive recognition or a reprimand? Did your actions save the day? Was your method of handling the situation used as a benchmark for others to measure up to?

Keep in mind when you select your story to tell, you do not want to pick one where everything was rosy and dandy. Furthermore, you do not want to alter the facts of the event to paint yourself in a better light. Not only will the interview see right through that, but you will severely damage your credit as a viable candidate. You want to show depth of character, show your humanity, and show your ability to learn and grow professionally from the situations you encounter. Never try to portray yourself as perfect because the interviewer knows you're not. Beside, interviewers want to see a balanced view of you in the work environment and often are looking for examples when things did not quite turn out the way they should have.

The SHARE model follows the same promise as above for SITUATION, ACTION and RESULTS. In addition, this model specifically calls out the HINDRANCE or challenge. Additionally in the EVALUATION you will evaluate the results, examining what the results meant for the company, what was their impact, what you learned from the situation, and how you might do things differently next time.

Use either model to frame your answers to behavioral questions. Find examples of behavioral questions on the internet, or follow the link below and practice, practice, practice! You can expect to do much better with behavioral questions and provide the detailed responses that the interviewers expect.

Additional Resources:

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Difference Between For Profit and Non Profit

Whether you are thinking of starting a new non-profit or have been invited to sit on the Board of an existing charity, it's important to know the key differences between for and non-profit businesses – and it's not as simple as you might think !

Legal Entity – A for profit business can take many forms – sole proprietorship is most common but you can also choose partnership, corporation or the hybrid legal form, the limited liability company / partnership. A non-profit will always be a corporation. Paperwork is filed not only with the state, but with the IRS which determines whether the corporation meets one of the many sections of the 501 (c) code which governs non profits. Most charities you're familiar with – American Red Cross, Cancer Society, Catholic Charities – fall under 501 (c) 3.

Ownership – The reason a non-profit is always a corporation is because no single person owns a non-profit. A for profit corporation is owned by shareholders but a non-profit is "owned" by the community it serves. The Board of Directors for a non-profit serve as volunteers and ensure that the entity remains true to it's charitable mission. The Board of Directors in a for corporation corporations of major stockholders and those elected by stockholders. They serve as compensated representatives of the stockholders who ensure the entity produces a reasonable return on investment.

Purpose – A non-profit serves a public good and is driven by the mission. For example, a suicide prevention non-profit might have as a mission, "to help prevent suicide and offer support to those who have lost someone to suicide." Revenue is generated to support services which are designed to accomplish the mission. A for profit business serves a private good and exists to return a profit on the investment of the owner (s). For profit businesses often generate public benefit as well but that is not the motivating factor for owning or investing in a for profit business.

Revenue – A non-profit may generate revenue by delivering good or more often services but the revenue generated is subsidized by contributions, grants or government contracts. Many nonprofits deliver a service for which there is a great public benefit but no profitable market either because the people they serve lack the financial means to pay what the services cost or because the benefit is diffused among society as a whole (environmental or civil rights for example). A for profit business charges a fee for the goods or services that fully covers costs plus a reasonable profit.

Costs – A for profit business will incur all of the normal costs associated with doing business in the industry it serves. A non-profit is exempt from many costs as a public investment in achieving its charitable purpose. Non profits are exempt from some Federal taxes and most state taxes. Contributions to charitable non profits are tax-deductible and people who support the mission are not only allowed but encouraged to work as volunteers – something the Labor Department would otherwise not allow.

Profit – Any money left to a business after paying all expenses is left to the discretion of the owners in a for profit business. Earnings may be paid out or retained against anticipated future expenses. In a non-profit, revenue in excess of expense may be retained if such "carry over" is not prohibited by the source of the funds. Restricted funds may only be used as the donor directives, where unrestricted funds may be used at the discretion of the Board as long as the use further the mission.

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Get a Doctorate Degree From Well Established Universities Online

A doctorate is considered the highest academic degree. With the help of an doctorate degree from a certified online university, you could enjoy the option of finishing your routine responsibilities and doing your regular job. There are numerous such programs you can opt for. Online education facilitates you with an opportunity to study various levels like doctorate degree, doctorate online, online bachelor’s programs, and online master’s degree.

The online doctorate degree mainly involves 4 to 6 years of extra study after Master’s Degree. In order to get it you need to work hard and should do the research work carefully. If you are pursuing an online doctorate degree then it is very important that you make a schedule of attending the classes in your free time. The online education program is the best method of earning your degree.

These programs comprise of serious work and there is no issue of class attendance. You can attend online classes by sitting anywhere across the world with the help of internet. It does not matter whether you are on vacations or at work; you can always continue your studies from a certified online university. Nowadays, more students give preference to the online programs as compared to the campus based programs because of the various resources and faculty members they provide.

You get to mix with other online doctorate students. While pursuing online doctorate degree programs you don’t have to follow the usual time table. There are chances that the online doctoral programs might be based on particular set of courses, independent study, and research. According to a survey it has been found that majority of the students are adult and they favor flexibility in the online classes. The online doctoral programs offer you the assistance with the help of online chats with the tutors and fellow students, virtual lectures, coursework, and emails.

You will be working on your own and will be making use of the research resources in order to finish the course conditions. There are some online universities which inspires you to complete online doctoral programs. There are two forms of online doctoral programs – research and professional. Some online universities also offer honorary doctorates, which are not essentially academic. With the help of online doctorate degrees you also have a chance of earning research and professional degrees.

If you have made your mind to pursue doctorate degree program then make sure that the online university is accredited by a relevant authority.

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Male Milking – Prostate Milking Tips for Men in Orgasm Denial

The need for male milking is one of the big questions about male chastity and orgasm denial – meaning, is it necessary or desirable to drain the prostate by means other than full orgasm to maintain the man’s health?

Male Milking – The Myth

The myth of male milking is it has to be done once a month Or Else. And if you read virtually any blog or forum this is the advice you’ll see.

But the fact of the matter is there is no compelling medical evidence I have been able to find to suggest a man’s prostate has to be milked at all, never mind once a month. The available research I’ve been able to find is not convincing either way – some studies show a benefit to regular prostate emptying; some show the opposite.

It seems like this myth has been promulgated simply because it’s what “everyone knows” and so it is continually repeated and reinforced.

That said, prostate milking does no harm, may have some health benefits, and is both pleasurable and frustrating for the man (which makes it worth doing!).

So here are three ways to do it.

External Male Milking

You can do this by having your man on all fours and getting him into a highly excited state, and then gently stroking and massaging his well-lubricated perineum with your fingers. This is the soft spot between his anus and the rearmost part of his scrotum.

You don’t need much pressure here for this and you can be sure your man will be moaning, groaning and begging for release.

When it comes it feels (to him) a little like urinating. It effectively empties his prostate but does not give him the pleasure of an orgasm. This is the method I use for milking my own husband, every couple of months.

Internal Male Milking

For internal male milking you massage the prostate itself through the walls of the rectum, using your finger or a dedicated massaging device like the Aneros. This clearly means you have you stick something in there!

As with any kind of anal play lots of lube is an absolute must and the rule is always to go slowly and be gentle.

Some women prefer to milk their men in this way because of the extra humiliation it causes the poor man.

As with external prostate milking, this does not give your man the pleasure of orgasm, but does leave him feeling frustrated.

Ruined Orgasm

And finally, if you can’t be bothered with the milking (it all does take time and effort), then a ruined orgasm is an effective way to empty his prostate. All you need to do is get him to the point where his orgasm has actually started, and then STOP all stimulation.

He’ll hate it, believe me, because it’s so frustrating for him. You may wish to secure his hands before you do this, because if you don’t, then he WILL touch himself to “finish off”, I guarantee. It’s so frustrating, he won’t be able NOT to.

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Ticket Broker Considerations in Setting Prices

Ok, you want to surprise that special someone and score tickets to their favorite band for your anniversary. You search Google for tickets to the show. A bunch of ticket broker websites appear on the first page. All claiming to have the seats to the concert. You click one and find the concert and date to score the tickets. Holy S @ 3% !! the lowest cost ticket is $ 250 and that's not even a good seat in your opinion. How can this be? Simple Supply and Demand. Maybe that concert is Madonna's first in 10 years or U2, or Elton John's opening night at Caesars Palace. All of these concerts will have a high demand and very low supply of tickets.

Beside the economics of ticket selling what other factors play a role in the ticket broker pricing? When Elton John announced that he signaled an exclusive 2 year contract with Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for his anticipated Million Dollar Piano Tour, Fan all over the world (yes World) were looking to score tickets to the event. That is a hell of a lot of fans for a limited amount of tickets. If you were lucky enough to get tickets to this event, good for you, but for most fans they were not as lucky. There were pre-sales for the concert prior to the event going on sale to the public and those brokers (mostly) scooped up a gigantic amount of seats. These tickets ranged from $ 100-250 "Face Value". Tickets were listed on every Secondary Market Website immediately after being bought even though the concert was 7 months away and the public sale had not started. Tickets were listed at $ 250- $ 1000 per seat on the public sale date and tickets sold FAST in the first week. Tickets sales slowed down as weeks went by. Ticket prices will remain steady for the months ahead until the event approaches at which time the prices will start to decrease something. One caveat; prices will spike a couple weeks before the event, and decrease only within a day or two before the event.

Top 3 Considerations:

Price Point # 1: Supply and Demand for an event plays the largest role in ticket broker pricing.

Price Point # 2: Prices are highest right after a public sale begins.

Price Point # 3: Prices remain steady until a week or two before an event when a spike in the price can be noticed, prices only start to be lowered a day or two before the event.

Other consideration:

Price Points # 4: The day of the event matters. Saturday events are the best sellers then highest priced, followed by Sunday, Friday and moving backwards toward Monday.

Price Point # 5: is the event a Rival? ie Redsox vs Yankees, Celtics vs Lakers

Price Point # 6: Is it extraordinary? This means is it one of a kind, Professional All Star games and playoffs; Super Bowl; a New Stadium for the Florida Marlins in 2012.

Final thoughts about ticket pricing.

Brokers know that fans will be fanatical about their chosen events, whether its sports, concerts, theater or whatever one fancies and count on that enthusiasm to move inventory. I understand that many, myself included, are risk-adverse and would prefer not to wait out a brokers price cycle and just get the ticket NOW and not risk losing that perfect seat location, but for those who are patience deals can be found. What is the saying? Patience is a value, it can be true in buying tickets too.

Source by Steven P Hinz

Alternative To Craigslist Personals – Fantastic Free Alternative!

Craigslist personals USED to be a fantastic service. If, however, you are tired of being misled by con artists or – far, far worse – having your information stolen and sold on, then you are probably looking for an alternative to Craigslist personals.

What’s the problem, Davina?

A few years back internet marketers figured out that Craigslist was a great place to make money. Now the place is overrun with them! Place an ad on there and you will see what I mean.

Shady internet marketers reply to your personals ad. They try to sell you expensive dating memberships. Some sites are legitimate; some are actually just forms that steal your information once you type it and send it.

Scary, isn’t it?

Alternative To Craigslist Personals

I will forgive you for thinking this is an OBVIOUS alternative to Craigslist personals. But hear me out. Did you know most world-class dating communities actually offer free memberships to new members? This is like being allowed to trial a BMW for free. These are THE BEST sites for personals.

Do NOT mess around with small dating sites. These places make you pay lots of money up front; they never offer free trials.

Get yourself a membership at a popular, world-class dating community.

These places are a fantastic alternative to Craigslist personals.

Why, exactly? Well, they are highly regulated by the owners, so you will ONLY ever get contacted by REAL people. And you never have to worry about someone stealing your personal information. These sites are trusted by millions. Some are even shown in feature films!

Not only all that but you just have so many more features. On Craigslist you can only post an ad. On these other sites you can befriend people, send virtual hugs and kisses, send emails and even chat via instant messenger or on webcam.

Source by Davina Anderson

Effective Advertising Strategies for Bed and Breakfast Ventures

Running a bed and breakfast is a competitive business. You have to stand out to win your crowd. Sticking up a shiny sign by your lot is not going to do it for your venture. You have to take marketing up the notch. Budgeting is always a thing to consider though. You need to place your investments on avenues that are sure to work its magic for you.

Here are a few practical ways in marketing your business.

One custom way to market your bed and breakfast is to get your business signed up for a directory. Your target market would usually refer to these directories when looking for accommodation for their travels. Make sure to feature important aspects of your business like photos of your place, contact information as well as a map or directions. Getting your business on the listing for Google maps works best as well, especially in this technologically dependent generation.

Bring out your creative juices and put a unique charm to your advertising. Sending out simple fliers will not make the cut. You brochures should advertise your business differently from the others. Highlight every feature in your home that you find attractive. Likewise, include them if you have tourist attractions near your location. Consider where you can place them and how far your advertising can reach. Partner up with other business establishments around you. With modern digital printing methods, you can generate several promotional materials in a lower price.

Another strategy to promote your bed and breakfast is through the power of social media and the internet. Social networking has a massive impact in the online market today. Get your advertising up online through setting up a website. You internet presence can pretty much predict how people will respond to your business strategies. Establish a strong and enticing charisma virtually to your viewers online in the same way that you would demonstrate to your paying guests.

You can also set up an online blog that can increase your reach even to the global market. Use clever marketing strategies to attract your target audience to your site.

In general, the answer to better and effective business marketing of your venture is resource management and conscious market target. Before you spend a dollar on printing efforts or registering for a search engine, get to know which works for what and which does not. Learn from the experience of established ventures similar but make sure to add your own unique charm on top of it.

Source by Dexter D. Bradley

Fiber Cement Siding is Non-Flammable & Low-Maintenance

A house fire can devastate all you’ve worked so hard to achieve. The investment in your home and your valuables inside can be totally wiped out and you can find yourself suffering a great hardship. While taking the proper precautionary measures can prevent house fires, you can’t rule out the possibility of one completely. That’s why it is important to choose construction materials that are non combustible and will give firefighters the time needed to fight the fire before it can completely consume your house.

Wood and vinyl are both standard choices when it comes to exterior home siding. But fiber cement siding is gaining popularity due to its versatility and durability. It is thick, wind resistant and easily maintained. And because this particular type of siding is flame resistant and non-combustible, fiber cement siding is the wise choice for fire-rated construction.

Fiber cement siding is made of a combination of strong and lightweight materials. Water, finely-ground sand, premium cement and natural cellulose fibers are cured and pressurized into a heavy duty plank that can be colorized and painted to match any home’s exterior. Because of the makeup of fiber cement siding, the siding remains non-flammable and non-combustible. These cellulose fiber-mixed cement planks require very little maintenance and resemble the natural beauty of wood, especially when installed with a horizontal overlap.

As well as being fire resistant, fiber cement siding is a popular choice for those who live in climates with extreme weather conditions. The makeup of this type of exterior choice makes it resistant to water damage (mold and mildew, warping, rotting, etc.) and is virtually unaffected by insects such as termites that can cause massive amounts of damage to wood siding. It is strong and durable in high wind conditions, able to withstand hurricane and tornado force winds and show minimal damage from debris or hail hits. After painting, this type of siding resists cracking and chipping, making it a great low-maintenance option for homeowners. Basic maintenance involves an easy wash with a common garden hose or light wash with soapy water.

Fiber cement exteriors are backed by long warranties (depending on the manufacturer) and is an unparalleled cost-effective alternative to the traditional cedar or vinyl siding, especially when compared to all the maintenance issues associated with conventional siding like painting, washing and replacement. While the price may seem steep at first, the long-term benefits far surpass any costs associated with the maintenance and upkeep you’ll have to perform with wood or vinyl siding.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance alternative to wood or vinyl siding, consider fiber cement siding. The strength, durability and longevity of fiber cement – as well as unmatched fire resistance – is the perfect way to protect your investment and have a home that shows off attractiveness and natural looking curb-appeal.

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Enhance The Look, Functionality And Safety Of Your Balcony Or Terrace

There are many home improvements that can both increase property values ​​and provide building residents with significantly increased enjoyment. The addition of a balcony, however, trumps them all. This is an upgraded platform that adds more usable area to the home. It can be used for dining, relaxation and even entertaining.

Several studies conducted in a diverse range of property markets have concluded that the addition of a balcony can increase a home's value by as much as 30 percent. This is especially true in communities in which all residential building structures look remarkably similar. They add character and appeal and set houses apart form neighboring homes.

When installing your balcony or terrace, you have to consider how you want to use it. These designs are incredibly flexible while maintaining the stable properties. They can support ample weight and host a number of heavy items including tables and even outdoor cook tops or grills.

Choosing accessories and amenities for your new balcony is all about creating a space that is right for you and other residents in the home. This can be a space of relaxation or it can even serve as a comfortable, functional, outdoor workspace. The possibilities are automatically endless. In fact, it is usually best to create a space that will serve multiple purposes. There is even the possibility of walling our territory or patio in with a glass enclosure for optimal views and all-weather accessibility.

There are, however, some important features that each balcony or terrace will need for optimal functionality and usability. These include ample lighting for visibility, particularly during the nighttime hours and a functional railing. Both of these additions are necessary for limiting homeowner liability by keeping property residents and their guests safe. Suitable railroads are also vital for ensuring that these structures are in full adherence with local building codes.

Lighting should be both aesthetically pleasing and suited to the manner in which you choose to use the space. If you plan on using your laptop on the terrace to conduct your work in a relaxing environment and with access to stunning views, start with sufficient bright overhead lighting. There are even innovative options in outdoor task lighting. These provide a focused beam of light that will brighten the surface or work tables, writing desks or outdoor laptop stands.

Wall sconces and dimmer switches can round out your lighting plan by creating a flexible, adaptable space. You can alter the amount of illumination on your patio to suit your activities. If entertaining guests here, you may not want the same level of illumination that you use when taking your personal business operations outside.

Railings should be both functional and aesthetically appealing. You can choose from a delightful range of glass or stainless steel balustrades a well as a from a variety of tubular designs. For a more secure feel, it is even possible to have a privacy screen installed. When making your choice, however, be ever mindful of how these selected option will affect your view and how well it will blend with other features on the overall building structure.

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